Introducing The Funko Pop! Bowling League! Tuesdays @ 7PM! Get a Free Mystery Funko Pop Every Week!

Lakewood Lanes is proud to announce it’s exciting new 4 person per team bowling league – The Funko Pop! Bowling League! Every Tuesday at 7PM, for just $20 per week, meet with your team and have some friendly competition with fellow 18+ Funko collectors in the area. Funko isn’t just for kids, adults love collecting them, too! No bowling experience is necessary – just bring a smile and be ready to have some fun! Each week, every bowler receives a mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl toy. After bowling every week, we’ll have a Pop! Swap where you can trade and talk Pops with collectors. Funko Boutique website Vaulted Supply will be set up with a table to buy and sell Pops and Pop protectors ever week, too! Collectors and bowlers are welcome to join us for this groundbreaking new league!

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